Rocks at the Poker Table

This article will focus on how to spot and defeat rock at the poker table. First, I will define a “rock” player who plays very few starting hands, yet plays aggressive when he / she decides to play a pot. I was recently playing in a NL 5-10 poker game at a local club. After about an hour, I have a pretty decent read on everybody at the table. There was one player who really stood out to me. It was a young guy and he hardly played a hand. He sat there and as this article was created in my mind that night, so was the ultimate strategy against rock players. He was not only going to be a victim of guinea pig, my study guide for the mind of a “rock” poker player works.

I have seen signs for anyone who was paying attention, that this guy was a TIGHT PLAYER. The first thing you notice is that they don’t play a lot of the starting hands. They usually fold, in fact almost always fold unless they are in the blinds or have a strong hand. The second thing I did was to keep counting and rearranging his chips every 2 seconds like he was losing them or something. Like seriously man, you haven’t played a pot in the world, they haven’t moved! A third thing I found while studying this guy who was slouched every hand … except for when he had a strong hand! That guy was rocky that I would call him a robot because he perced up every time he found 10 10 or up 우리카지노.

Now I have to admit, this was a pretty strong table and there were also a couple of drunks donating. With that being said, I had to laugh when even the drunk guys folded every time this rock was tried to come in with a raise. That leads me to the next section of this article, how to easily handle any rock poker player once you have identified them.

Now that you know what to look for in rock we can proceed on how to handle them. Like I just mentioned, I could barely help myself from laughing at this guy every time he entered a pot. I knew he had something that was written all over his face. The fact is that these rocks enter the pot, they have the goods. If you see high cards on the flop, you can be pretty sure they have got a piece of it or already have a high pocket pair. Just fold pre-flop. Yes I said it and I will drop it again – just fold pre-flop. Unless you have AA, AK-AQs, KK, or QQ you are most definitely beat. So just fold. That was the thing about this particular guy, that everyone knew it and folded pre-flop when he ever entered with a raise.

It was truly amusing to have got peeved and started playing Crap hands. But this is where I noticed the guinea pig, he would still erect his posture when he was holding the hands but when he tried to run it into crap to throw it off he was hunched over the table and his drink. At this point you just play off the rock’s tells. You’ve got to remember that poker players are usually tight because they don’t like losing money and they like to slowly increase their bankroll. Throw them off one or two hands – a loose or just frustrated poker player – that you can take advantage of the rest of the session.

To sum up this strategy guide to rock poker players, first you have to identify the tight rocks at your table. This can be done by their appearance, the number of hands they play, how they play them, and even how they stack their chips or hold themselves. Once you have identified them and what kind of strong hands they play, you get out of their way unless you have a premium hand yourself. Proceed to play them like a game until they get off their game and take advantage of the rest of the night.

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