Sleeping Dogs Game Review

At first this game puzzled me because I thought it was set in America. A lot of people are speaking in American accents. But it turns out Hong Kong is it’s actual setting (there’s even a British guy in there as well.) Spotting the genuine Asian person is the challenge. Anyway that doesn’t really matter, my job is to give you a game reviews light sprinkle of words and wisdom as to whether or not you should buy the game, so we shall begin.

Straight away it gives signs of being heavily story orientated which is a good thing in my opinion! I like the story, I’m not going to give a big break down of the whole thing because that’s what makes Game Reviews long and I don’t want to spoil things for you. But, the story gets a thumbs up from me 먹튀검증업체.

I’ll talk about the things which I like about Sleeping Dogs, first off there is a pretty nifty game mechanic where you have 2 different experience systems. You gain experience as a cop and as a triad (saying cops and triads shouldn’t be a spoiler, you should be aware of this.) So you gain experience as a cop by completing undercover cop cases and not killing innocents and wrecking the place. You level up as a triad by beating down bad guys and the usual gang related things. I really like the combat though, the fist-fighting seems quite fluid and I actually get beaten a lot of the time which to me, shows that the combat is a challenge (which not a lot of games are these days.) The developers have done well to keep weapons out of your hands as much as possible. So you do have to fight with your fists most of the time, it makes a refreshing change from every man and his dog packing heat in other games.

Things I don’t like so much about the game include – the graphics, they’re OK but that’s as good as they get. Also some of the driving controls are very unrealistic. I get that they wanted to put some extreme stuff in there, like hijacking cars by jumping out of one and into the other, fine. But ramming other cars is just plain bad, there’s a button to ram car’s and when you press the button you seem to get a boost of speed in the direction of the car you want to ram. I mean ANY direction, even if it’s parallel to your car, it’s bad design in my opinion. Finally the only other gripe I have is the fact that every female you meet in Sleeping Dogs wants to be intimate with you as soon as they meet you. Now I’ve heard a few things about Hong Kong but this is just starting to look like Bangkok.

Video Game Review Conclusion

Overall I think its a good game, you’ll get a lot of hours of game play for your money and it’s very entertaining with a good story.

Video Game Visuals – 75/100 (The graphics just aren’t as good as they could be really, I think they could have done better.)

Video Game Gameplay – 92/100 (There is a good story also the map is a good size for exploring without feeling too big)

Video Game Sound – 80/100 (Not much to report on the sound, except all the people sound American which I find a little bit strange being set in Hong Kong

I think it is most definitely a good purchase, as with most open world RPG’s you’ll get a lot of fun and frivolous time spending with this game.

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