Not always worth fighting for Google’s top position

We came to the controversial and delicate subject.

The bare reality is really this, repeating not to forget: it is not always worth fighting for the first position of Google.

Oh, but why? Is not this the main objective of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to improve your search engine placement and increase site visits. Of course, the better positioned you are, the higher the clickthrough rate, but you have to have your feet flat on top of the first position.

It will depend a lot on your segment, the more specific your product Camiseta Evangelica, the greater the chances of getting the first position in the organic search. On the other hand, the more comprehensive, the more difficult, because of giant stores that have been in this market for many, many years.

Nothing is impossible, but often, it is not worth fighting with Lojas Americanas for the first position of the research “iPhone X”, for example.

In such cases, follow tirelessly with SEO optimizations, but without the fixed idea of ​​reaching the first position. Seek to invest this time in other aspects of your e-commerce.

Oh, but there’s only one bad thing? Of course not! The beginning is complicated, but then it is only joy (with accompaniment, of course). Some data not to give up:

100 billion searches are done on Google per month in Kirk Franklin Musicas Gospel  
28% of searches result in a purchase;
80% of consumers completely ignore Google Ads ads;
18% of consumers click on the first organic search result, 10% on the second, 7% on the third;
66% of searches result in more than 1 click (more opportunities to receive visitors);
Organic search converts 10x more than social networks.
Now is the time to put your hand in the dough.

There are many SEO techniques, but the most efficient is the creation of original and relevant content. Google loves pages that provide good user experience. Let’s see where to start:

How to know how the customer will search on Google?
The next techniques will include the knowledge in the terms researched by your client on Google. A good way to know this is by using Google Trends. With it you can find out what is currently being searched, compare different search terms, filter by region, and more. It is worth using it in this endeavor!

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