Las Vegas Casino Hotel Review – Circus Circus – A Great Time at a Great Price

We’d decided it was time for you to have a review of Las Vegas as a place to move to and it did not disappoint. Our auto ride has been roughly 6 hours out of Southern California. This is a family trip therefore our friends and their kids went along for that ride. The trip was somewhat long, however, it was a learning adventure. The very next time I presume we will fly by plane. We reserved our hotel bookings online and we all must stay at the infamous Circus Circus hotel at which we enjoyed all the joys of some excellent hotel together with most of the entertainment that Las Vegas had to offer and much more. Because we booked out rooms on the internet we stored almost 30 percent from booking them directly with the hotel itself. Our beds were quite comfortable and we slept like babies, which is extremely rare for me as I will be a sensitive sleeper, Plus I have chronic insomnia.

At the day I enjoyed an amazing buffet dinner at the Circus Buffet as they’d almost every HAPPYLUKE of lunch food attainable by fresh soup to sexy slabs of tasty Turkey. This was my very first time at that hotel and also the first buffet I’d within the hotel walls and I could honestly say that I never filled my tummy just as much as I did that day there. After Lunch we enjoyed the upstairs entertainment with a vibrant 4 d show that left the children in amazement inspiring. Adventuredome has awesome rides that left our hearts beating just a tad bit faster. It felt just like we were in a entertainment park yet surrounded by all the bright lights and glitter of nevada.

Dinner-time direct us into their famous pizzeria where we had our fill 2 large size pizza dishes with the works. I am originally from new york and so I consider myself to be quite a great connoisseur of fine Italian style pizza and that I can safely say that this pizzeria passed the grade along with me personally.

Our last afternoon abandon us with some time to bet and everybody in my family knows that my game is Blackjack. It was a wonderful time and a few of those fewer times Which I walked out of nevada being on top. Here is looking at you Vegas.

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